I am sending you what our estimated ROI for Office Essentials is from your program over the past 12 months. We are closing better than 40% and our average monthly purchase is better than $1000 per new client. That would mean our annualized gross return from this program is over $500k in annualized income for both St. Louis and Kansas City alike. This gives me a 3 year ROI of over $1.3 million.

Thanks for all your hard work!

Kate Dougherty
Director of Business Development and Marketing
(314) 432-4666 x237 kdougherty@oeistl.com


We have completed 3 years of partnering with SalesTactix in acquiring new business. We have experienced between and $300k and $400k of new business each year at better than a 25% GP. Our 3 year Sales for one years leads is over $800k. There is no program available with this type of return for the independent dealer!

John Condry
SunDANCE Office Supply
2000 N Willow Ave
Broken Arrow, OK 74012
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Hi Tom,

I just wanted to let you know how well the Sales Tactix leads are working out for us. We are still closing approximately 64% of the appointments. After 10 months of using Sales Tactix, our annualized sales for 10 leads / month are over $300,000. By the third month, the program had not only returned our original investment, but we were money ahead. This program is the best opportunity and ROI that I have found. The only thing I would do differently is to not take 3 months to decide to give the program a try. We will be getting with you soon for the leads on the furniture program.

Thanks again, and keep the appointments rolling in!

Garth Hood
Granite Office

Hello Tom,

I did an analysis of the volume we have done with our customers that came from Sales Tactix leads. Between January 2010 and July 2011 we have generated $391,050 in sales from these leads.
New business conversion is essential for Independents to survive in this economy and your program works. I personally think my results should be better, but that is my issue with my sales force. I will continue to train and discipline them for improved results.

Al Marquiss
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We have been using Salestactix as our primary lead development process in the Tucson market since 2008. During that time, we have received about 10 leads per month or probably 400 since we started. We have consistently closed 40%-45% of the leads, or approximately 160-170 new customers. At our current average sales per customer in the Tucson market, these accounts are generating about $600,000 per year in sales. Approximately 90% of the merchandise for these sales are purchased from the wholesaler.

Thank you,
Glenn McDaniel
Office Smart, Inc.