About SalesTactix

A message from SalesTactix President Tom Ketchum.

For more than 25 years, Iíve been working with office dealers of all types and sizes to help them maximize the value of their existing customers and find new ones.

The current SalesTactix program is based on the knowledge and expertise weíve developed over that time. Your salespeopleís time is valuable and most of them donít like cold calling anyway. So when they pick up the phone or knock on the door for a sales call, anything you can do to shorten the odds of closing a deal or making a sale is a good idea.

Thatís where SalesTactix comes in. Itís focused on generating new business opportunities from your existing customer base and finding solid prospects you can convert into new and profitable accounts. And it does it all in a way thatís totally turnkey. All you have to do is make sure the follow up is consistent and professional.

This isnít smoke and mirrors. Itís a comprehensive system thatís been tested in the marketplace by over a hundred dealers and proven to work time and time again.

In good times or in bad, thereís no more important requirement for your dealershipís continued growth and prosperity than a new business development program that works. Thatís what you get with SalesTactix. Sign up for a test drive today and discover for yourself just how easy and effective our program can be!

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